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Your Nonstop Sales Force

A Digital Marketing Campaign

Build Traffic That You Own

Gather Data About Your Customers

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Your Non-stop Sales Team

A Lead Generator scours the Internet and lines up prospects for your business


Hours a day - without even a 15 minute bathroom break - your Lead Generator serves super targeted digital ads


Days a week, no vacation days, your Lead Generator gives your prospect a chance to win, or a coupon for signing up.


Days a year, no holidays or sick days, your Lead Generator gets better and better at finding your customers' wants and desires and tells you.

The first feature

Prize Package


– Mobile 1st Sweepstakes Campaign

-Sells your Brand with LF8 ad theory

-Custom Thank You Page For 2nd CTA

-Custom social media creative

- 10 Second Video Hook

-Free Sweepstakes Rules

-Digital & Facebook Ad Setup

-Custom 5 Auto Emails of Your Brand

-Random Winner Selected

- Detailed Report of Exclusive Leads

- $137.00 in ads spend

- Coupon Mode Modifcation Upon Completion

- Exclusive offer to all who enter!

(Value of each explained below)

A Lead Generator is kinda like a website that just sells your offer.

the Lead Generator begins with a custom landing page that we build exclusively for your business.

We take your best offer and refine it to the next level by using LF8 advertising theory.

Then after your new lead completes the form, they are taken to a custom Thank You page that calls them to additional action to build your brand awareness.

You get to gather information on your customers as you build… traffic you OWN

People care about what you can do for them.

How great would it be to have your prospective customers tell you what they are looking for & how to reach them?

that's the Lead Generator's bread-n-butter.

24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year - no sick days - no time off - not even worker's comp insurance!

The Lead Generator captures people interested in your business offer & shares them with no one but you.

Sign up because you'll get something super special.  Something you've never heard of before.  A whole new way digital works.

You'll get the backstory of Stumari just for entering to win one of our Lead Generators.  It is a series of 5 emails that tells you about us and why we do what we do.

If you win, we will make the same 5 emails, but for your business.  When you get a new lead - you familiarize him or her with your brand immediately.

But that's not enough - you'll get a very limited and exclusive offer just by signing up.

Hope to tell you more on our Thank You page after you enter.



the LEAD GENERATOR in detail

Top 4 Benefits.

The Back End of the Lead Generator

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